24/7 AI Tutors that teach, help, & test your students

Picture this: a classroom where every student gets the help they need, exactly when they need it. That's the magic of Everlyn AI tutors. With personalized and instant support for each student as well as automated assessment, it's a win-win situation for both students and educators alike. Parents, teachers, and tutors — this is what you've been looking for.

With Everlyn AI tutors

  • Students

    Get the PERSONALIZED help they need, exactly when they need it

  • Teachers

    save time & effort by automating assessment, thanks to our AI tutors' ability to auto-grade and auto-feedback sessions submitted by each student

  • Busy Parents

    Find an efficient way to teach your children

If the answer is YES, you're in the right place.

Here's how EverlynAI will help you
create AI Tutor, FAST.

  • Step 1

    Set Up & Generate Your AI Tutor

    • Any Subject, Any Language, for Any Student Group

      Simply tell us the objective of the AI Tutor, and we'll customize it to suit your needs perfectly.

    • Human-Centric Generation Process

      We believe the best Tutor are crafted with AI, not just by it. That's why we involve you throughout the process for your valuable feedback.

  • Step 2

    Edit & Customize Your AI Tutor Effortlessly

    • Bring any knowledge

      Upload any learning materials (textbook, video, podcast,...) to train the Tutor.

    • Equip it with interactive learning tool

      Not just text, our Tutor can offer interactive features like quizzes, writing test, and speaking test to your students

  • Step 3

    Publish Your Tutor with a Single Click

    • Publish Your Tutor Instantly

      With just one click, your tutor can go live instantly.

    • Auto-grade and Auto-feedback students' sessions

      Our AI tutors streamline grading and feedback, saving your time and effort by automatically assessing students' sessions.

It's FREE to generate an AI tutor on EverlynAI!
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    billed monthly
    • Unlimited AI tutors
    • Unlimited students
    • 1 member(s) included
    • 400 sessions by students
    • 2 GB of storage



    billed monthly
    • Unlimited AI tutors
    • Unlimited students
    • 5 member(s) included
    • 2000 sessions by students
    • 10 GB of storage

It's time to build the truly personalized learning experience!

With AI, we can finally deliver personalized learning to students.

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